No End In Sight For Traffic Jam

31 Oct

The  Pihbar Production Company, headquartered on
the planet Helon in the Hekar Solar System is the producer of the hit reality show “Traffic Jam”.  The show highlights drama played out during a morning commute. Today, the company announced intentions to increase production of its new product Traffic Jam.

Traffic Jam comes in a variety of delicious flavors including glokenberry, tayfruit and inimelon. The thick jam, which looks absolutely delicious, is difficult to remove from the jar.  The jar’s tiny opening prevents knives or spoons from entering, while the tightly vacuum-sealed cover means very few jars, if any, actually get opened. The jar itself is made of an impenetrable alloy that cannot be cracked with force, pressure or a hammer.

Originally marketed as a temporary gimmick offering $25 to the first consumer to get a taste, sales have skyrocketed.  Although the $25 prize remains unclaimed, the jam, which was designed to “give consumers that authentic feeling of frustration experienced during a traffic jam” has become very popular on the planet of Helon as the number one product given as an anonymous gift.  When our  news team caught up with one Helonian who had received dozens of jars, she had this to say, “Get off my property!” and threw the jars at us  and re-gifted the jam during our visit.


One Response to “No End In Sight For Traffic Jam”

  1. BrandTorson 2011/11/04 at 18:30 #

    Interesting information as for me. Thank u a lot for enlightning this data.

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