D As In Djibouti

2 Oct

Local News from Caly, located on the planet Telni in The Leonis Star System:

The city of Caly has passed a new ordinance prohibiting the popular trend of annoying a telemarketer. The ordinance was proposed by Council Member LeLoyd (pronounced Loyd) after his wife, herself a telemarketer, received a call from Padke Taw who spelled his name:

P as in pterodactyl
A as in aisle
D as in Djibouti
K as in knickers
E as in Euphrates

T as in tsunami,
A as in are
W as in why

Response to the ‘D as in Djibouti’ Ordinance was mixed. One telemarketer, contacted by phone for comment, said he did not care for the name of the law. When Newswire suggested ‘G as in Gnome’ as a possible alternative, he promptly hung up the phone.


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